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Brief Introduction of Wei Wujun Private Detective Institution
    The Wei Wujun Private Detective Institution is registered at Changhai City in April of 1993 with the name of XIE LI Detective Institution, which is the avant-courier of detective field in Mainland, China.
    Head of the Institution Wei Wujun was born in Yantai City of Shandong Province in 1954. He joined the army at 15 years-old, and became the Platoon Leader at 19 years-old. At the 23 years-old he had become the Scout Chief of the Staff, and in 1979 he was enrollment by the military college and advanced his study there. After retiring from army in 1981, he had engaged in works like film and teleplay making, journalist and so on, which made him be rich in social experience and strong in courage and braveness.
    Since 1993 the institution was set up, we have addressed civil consignations more than 1,600, and the successful rate in 98%. In the 10years, Wei Wujun has been viewed by CCTV, Phonix TV, and TV stations in German, South Africa, Fenland, Taiwan, Shanghai, Sichuan, Chongqing, Hunan, Jiangsu and Chengdu, also by newspapers like Los Angeles Times, Hongkong Xingdao Paper, Yang Cheng Evening Paper, Guangzhou Daily, Hua Xi City Paper, Chengdu Business Paper, Sichuan Economy Daily, Shanghai Economy Daily, Jinling Evening, Nanjinh Life Guild, and magazines like Xinmin Week, Sanlian Life, Asia Week (American), Hongkong Redbud, Bosom Friend and so on. These medias has viewed him and made many reports about his legends.
    The institution welcomes the global clients, and we are confident to make our clients satisfied.

Mobile:  +86-18964089026


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